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The Nextion Enhanced Series has 7 HMI display sizes including 2.4”, 2.8″, 3.2”, 3.5”, 4.3”, 5.0” and 7.0”.

What’s the difference between Enhanced Series and Basic Series?
— The Enhanced Series hardware feature of 3.5″ and above is more powerful than Basic Series in terms of MCU, Flash Storage and SRAM.
— The Enhanced Series integrates RTC for keeping accurate time, EEPROM for users’ data storage and 8 digital GPIOs (4 PWM capable).

For Enhanced Series, users also can develop the HMI GUI project via the free Nextion Editor software, the easy Drag-and-Drop components and simple ASCII text based instructions will dramatically reduce the HMI project development workloads. The integration of RTC, EEPROM and digital GPIOs enhances your HMI project features and functions.